Call for Papers

purplecon is a forum for defenders to share their experiences and powerful infosec knowledge, so we can all build better and safer stuff.

We’re looking for presentations about actionable information security to help people make better things, whether that be from the perspective of the developers writing secure code, the blue team helping them ship it, the red team helping them defend it, or anyone else, really.

the cfp closed on 2019-08-25, at midnight, anywhere in the world. ooooh, just wait until you see the talks we have for ya.

We’re looking for talks that are:

  • Positive: we want to build an environment where people feel good and safe to talk about the things we can do to improve security. we’re always hearing about how -everything-is-on-fire-, let’s talk about how to put it out ^_^
  • actionable: so every person in the room can take away your lessons and make things a little bit better
  • educational: the point of conference talks is to learn things. we want talks that teach the audience about security. we ask speakers to include links to useful or prerequisite reading if their talk assumes prior knowledge.
  • Documented: so that three months after the talk, people can share your work with their colleagues and actually implement Good changes. To that end, we're asking that you submit documentation alongside your talk that anyone can follow to make these improvements (hey it's like an actual call for papers!)

please note: talk titles containing the text "for fun and profit" will be difficult to distinguish from every other talk with that same joke in it. we recommend using a more descriptive title.

For example:

  • How we made this security tool/app/bot/toaster-oven that makes our lives better (and could make yours better too!)
  • How we manage our infrastructure to keep out customers safe and our developers sane
  • creative and interesting ways of giving security advice to non-security-people.
  • here is a cool technique, and some tips and tricks that we recently learned for testing, detection, protection, communication, etc.
  • What is <a thing> and why is it Good?
  • How we interact within our organisation to make sure that we ship good, safe, products (seriously, we’re really hoping for a flow or two)

The Great Archive

After the conference, we will publish a collection of resources alongside your talk, written by you. This is so people can Actually Use your ideas days, months, or even years after the con, without having to guess which YouTube video to watch. We would like to see:

  • Your slides
  • Some kind of documentation to support your talk
If you’d like us to link out to your own site/blog/minecraft server, we can definitely do that too.


Can purplecon pay for my flights/accomodation/japanese candy box subscription?

Maybe! Let us know in the CFP form what you need help with and we’ll let you know.

When will I hear back from you?


What’s the Code of Conduct?

Here it is:

When does your CFP close?

In the past! It closed at midnight on 2019-08-25, anywhere in the world.